EXCLUSIVE Delfina will not condition participation in the debate… but asks the moderator for respect

EXCLUSIVE Delfina will not condition participation in the debate… but asks the moderator for respect

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Delfina Gomezcandidate for Together We Make History in the Edomex Elections 2023I affirm that You are NOT conditioning your participation in the second debateas assured by the host Pamela Cerdeira. The also standard-bearer for Morena asked for an atmosphere of respect for the second meeting with Alejandra del Moral.

In an interview offered to radio formulaDelfina Gómez remarked that she is not conditioning her attendance at the meeting of the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico, which will be held on May 18, “What I do ask is that there be respect, what I do ask is that there be no such insult”he commented.

He added that he does not condition his attendance, but rather requests an environment of respect, since during the first debate there were situations with which he did not feel comfortable. He announced that it will be until tomorrow when he meets with one of his representatives and, based on what he reports, he will make a decision.

The Morena candidate declared that her representative did make a series of proposals, “We want a framework of respect and a true exercise of what a debate is.” Delfina Gómez did not mention what Pamela Cerdeira previously said, who stated that Morena does not want her to be the moderator in the second debate.

What did Pamela Cerdeira say about the second debate?

Through a recording, the host Pamela Cerdeira accused Morena of conditioning her participation if the moderator was not modified, and even stated that the coalition (Va Por México) was going to give in to the request in order to have a second debate, “attending a debate should not be a funny concession by any party”he pointed.

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He declared that the candidates have the obligation to attend the debates organized by the electoral entities; he likened the situation to looking for a job and not showing up for an interview, or refusing to be questioned by one of the recruiters. He considered it unacceptable that they want to “limit freedom of expression.”

He said that the parties participating in the Edomex 2023 Elections treat the candidates as “if they were minors” unable to attend a debate. She even invited Delfina Gomez and Alejandra del Moral to hold a debate outside of the one scheduled by the IEEM.

“I believe in democracy, I believe in freedom of expression, I believe that all of us can sit down and talk at the same table,” declared Pamela Cerdeira, about the condition made by Morena and which was already denied by the candidate Delfina Gómez during this Thursday afternoon.



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