EXCLUDED More beautiful life: Baptiste discovers the truth about Justine, Romain manipulated, Eric ready for anything (PBLV info)

EXCLUDED More beautiful life in advance: intrigues and spoilers in advance PBLV until August 24, 2022 On this weekend and like every Sunday, it’s time for addicts to the soap opera “Plus belle la vie” to find out more about what will happen in the next episodes. Indeed, Stars Actu reveals to you what awaits you in preview and in exclusivity.


And in three weeks, we can tell you that Baptiste will seriously doubt Justine, to the point of following her with Emma to find out what she’s hiding!

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Baptiste and Emma follow Justine

Emma shows Baptiste the photo of Justine with Olivier. He is surprised and explains to Emma that it is Olivier, a guru of a local sect. He needs to hear Justine’s version. The latter is justified: Jourdan contacted her to join the sect, and she took the opportunity to introduce herself in order to get information. Baptiste doubts…


The next day, when they inspect the scene of last night’s fire, Justine is still there. She is the one who finds the abalone shell nearby. Baptiste looks at her with suspicion and even Gransard is surprised. Justine’s behavior is increasingly suspicious for Baptiste. They are called to a new outbreak of fire and Justine pretends a family emergency not to go to the scene.

Baptiste can’t stand Justine’s lies anymore. With Emma, ​​they decide to follow her. During their hideout, Emma and Baptiste grow closer. Everyone confesses their past faults. They see Justine leaving Olivier’s. She gets into a van and goes to a supermarket. Baptiste breaks down: she buys abalone shells and incense; all the paraphernalia for the pyromaniac ritual. Justine goes to the middle of the garigue and films herself waving the shell. Baptiste stops her but that’s not what he thinks. At the police station Revel explains to Baptiste that Justine is undercover with the guru!

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Eric wants to avenge Simon

Simon is still in a coma after being shot. Kevin lets Eric watch the video surveillance of the motorway toll that leads to Simon’s… The next day, when Eric has spent the night boozing, Ariane offers him to go hide and wait for Marc at the Mistral. They catch him and interrogate him…

Through the window, Eric speaks to Simon still in a coma, he is convinced that it was Martin who shot him and he will do everything to prove it. Eric follows Martin who leads him to a yacht. Eric goes inside the boat and searches. He falls on the 9mm that Eric had given to Simon…

Romain manipulated by Vanessa

Romain and Vanessa are on the way out. Sylvia once again overhears Vanessa rummaging through Vidal’s belongings. She’s starting to have serious doubts… Romain woke up with a headache. Vanessa makes him pass by bringing him for a walk in an island of greenery and freshness. They are more in love than ever. Back at the cabin, Vidal looks everywhere for his first aid kit. Vanessa, who affirms that plants are more effective than drugs, discreetly empties her kit in the sink…

Sylvia and Emilie can’t get Vidal on the phone and for good reason, Vanessa filters all the calls. They are worried. But the phone rings again, and Vidal hears it so he answers. Vidal reassures them: the place is brilliant and magical. The girls are reassured and will no longer worry about him…

Mirta and Luc’s relationship revealed

Mirta writes a letter to Luc, she wants to break up because she feels remorse and doesn’t want to risk ruining her vocation. She destroys this letter when she reads Luc’s: love has fallen on them, they are in communion of soul and they must not spoil this evidence…

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Akira offers Yolande a deal: for a fee, she can investigate to find out the identity of Mirta’s lover. The latter feels good next to Luc and this feeling is mutual. They are in love and question the celibacy of priests…

A photo of Luc and Mirta kissing is posted on social networks, everyone is aware! Luna tries to make her mother react but nothing helps, Mirta is in love. At church, it is more complicated for Luc because his parishioners have deserted mass. Luke’s hierarchy demands that he choose between the priesthood and Mirta…

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