Excluded from Fos, Jean-Denys Choulet threatens to file a complaint “for harassment”

Despite assured maintenance for the Chorale de Roanne since the 32nd day of Betclic ELITE with a victory at home against Strasbourg, Jean-Denys Choulet’s men were keen to end the season with the best possible record.

Tuesday evening, in Fos-sur-Mer, everything did not go as hoped for the Choraliens, beaten 100-84 after a one-sided second half. But the Roanne coach retained other facts, he who ended the meeting prematurely in the locker room.

“For us, the team is not the bottom of the problem this (Tuesday) evening. Everyone is very disappointed with how it went, whether it’s the players, the coach and everyone. That Fos wins, there is not much to say, they did their job The thing that we do not understand is the difference in treatment from, not by much, but a skewer referees towards me. So when I make mistakes and I’m not correct on the field or I have unsportsmanlike conduct, as can happen to any coach, that we are sanctioned, it’s normal But that they sanction me because I was sitting on the rotation table and then I got down on my knees and that they sanction me with a technical fault for that when I didn’t say a word, I don’t understand. No one can understand that.

Afterwards I turn around towards the table saying: ”But where is the fault?” and second technique. The second technique, you had to look for it, scratch it to be able to put it on and get out. It’s personal revenge and unfortunately, we coaches take reports but we can’t do anything, say anything.”

Arbitration decisions which therefore irritate Jean-Denys Choulet, who announces that he could even file a complaint.

“So I simply called the head of referees in France, Mr. Eddie Viator, telling him that I reserved the right to file a complaint for harassment. I am being prevented from doing my job. There is absolutely nothing that justifies my being expelled tonight. […] People who have a bit of personality and character, you have to silence them and put them off the field. If I freak out and challenge referee decisions all the time, I can understand but that’s not the case. These are settling scores that have absolutely nothing to do on a basketball court.”

The approaching end of the season should help ease tensions. In the meantime, there is still one match to be secured for the Chorale, it will be against Pau-Lacq-Orthez next Tuesday.



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