Excel becomes a video game, developers: “it’s not a joke”

On EVE Online, the Icelandic developer forms a partnership with Microsoft and Excel to make life easier for gamers.

Excel enters the world of video games with an unexpected partnership that, for many, tastes like a joke. But the close deal between Microsoft and the Icelandic CCP is anything but a joke, and is bound to solve the problems of so many players who turn to the application’s spreadsheets on a daily basis to manage EVE’s elaborate internal economy. Online. Often described as “spreadsheets in space”, EVE Online has often seen its users spend more time on Excel than in the game itself. Now, their life is about to get a lot easier.

Excel sbarca nel gaming —

During last week’s EVE Online Fanfest, CCP revealed the ritual partnership to make what has always been a meme – the “spreadsheets in space” – a reality. The partnership provides for Microsoft to create a special API in Javascript, with which players will be able to expose data in-game directly to Office. Details on how this process will work will come later this year, but the idea of ​​an automatic transposition to replace manual data entry has the community ecstatic (much more than the new content roadmap, with events). and story-related mechanics, and a four-role system to route newbies). “It’s not a joke”, they were keen to point out from the study. “EVE x Microsoft Excel is really happening”.

EVE Online, economics simulator –

“Through the partnership with Microsoft, EVE players can add a Javascript API to Excel to export data directly from EVE Online. Compatibility with Excel will help gamers ad log in and calculate everything, from profit margins to battle strategies, making EVE’s day-to-day operations easier to execute, ”reads a CCP note, reported by Windows Central. “The integration with Microsoft is another step towards CCP’s goal of making the MMO more accessible for both casual and seasoned gamers.” It may seem surreal but, as pointed out in the dedicated paragraph on our page on the best free games for PC, EVE Online is now in equal measure a large-scale space warfare game and an economy simulation: we might as well recognize it and have the tools … cheap adequate, right?

09 May 2022 (modified on 09 May 2022 | 09:45)

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