The ministry of Rio Negro Health reported this Wednesday 87 new coronavirus patients, 58 recovered and a deceased person. The province currently exceeded 400 active cases again of the illness.

After two weeks in which it registered a significant decrease of cases, the Rio Negro Ministry of Health again reported an alarming increase in the number of active and daily cases. The province started the week with 374 people suffering from the disease and now reached 426.

The 87 cases that were reported today is the highest number of daily infections since August 31, 2021. On that time Río Negro reported 96 new patients and from that day the numbers fell considerably until the last week in which they rebounded again.

As indicated by the provincial part, Were detected 13 of General Roca, 1 from Cervantes, 1 from Villa Regina, 2 from Chichinales, Cipolletti 10, 1 from Fernández Oro, 2 from Cinco Saltos, 2 from Catriel, 5 from Choele Choel, 1 from Chimpay, 4 from Coronel Belisle, 1 from Luis Beltrán, 10 Viedma, 1 of San Antonio Oeste, 31 of San Carlos de Bariloche and 2 from El Bolsón.

In this way, Bariloche with 167, Roca with 58, Cipolletti with 46 and Viedma with 44 they are the cities that lead the number of active cases.

Since the beginning of the pandemic the province adds 2405 total deaths, after several weeks in which, temporarily, no deaths were recorded. The only person who died this Wednesday was a 65-year-old woman from Viedma.

Finally, 58 people were discharged. They were: 12 from General Roca, 6 from Allen, 1 from Chichinales, 8 from Cipolletti, 1 from Catriel, 3 from Luis Beltrán, 1 Río Colorada, 2 from Viedma, 12 from San Carlos de Bariloche, 1 from El Bolsón and 3 from Pilcaniyeu.

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