Ex-reality TV contestant reveals nine miscarriages


Anaïs Sanson, known for her participation in the “Angels”, recounted her almost impossible mission to become a mother once again.

“The start of pregnancy for me is hell, it’s a nightmare,” says Anaïs Sanson.


Anaïs Sanson became known by participating in season 1 of “Princes of love”, in 2014, before being a candidate for season 7 of “Angels” on NRJ12, the following year in Rio de Janeiro. She then left the small world of reality TV and married a certain Carlos during da ceremony in Portugal. The couple welcomed a little Lila on December 31, 2019, when Anaïs Sanson was already the mother of a 14-year-old teenager, Shana. But, if today she wants to expand her family, it seems mission impossible, as she told Gossip Room.

In video, Anaïs Sanson says that while she was having a second ultrasound, for the declaration of pregnancy, the baby’s heart was no longer beating. “I was pregnant with my third child but it was my 8th miscarriage. So I had eight miscarriages at different stages, I think I had it all, ”she says.

Use of assisted reproduction

The former reality TV contestant says the reasons for the miscarriages are not known. They then decided to resort to assisted reproduction. During the exams, the gynecologist told her that she was having an early miscarriage, the ninth.

Before becoming a mother of Lila, four years have passed: “I had already had help,” explains Anaïs Sanson. I had done three months of ovarian stimulation. Carlos gave me injections in the stomach. I was very very very stressed out when I was pregnant. Miscarriages literally disturbed me. Early pregnancy for me is hell, it’s a nightmare. ” However, the 30-something, who claims to be a happy mother with her two daughters, claims her right to get pregnant again.


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