Despite the fact that he agreed to voluntarily extradite himself to the United States on July 21, and that President Luis Abinader signed the decree authorizing it on August 20, it was on Tuesday that the former mayor of the Las Galeras municipal district left the country for Puerto Rico, Samaná, Erquidenio Balbuena Agueda (Putín).

The exedile agreed to leave to answer for the accusation of drug trafficking in the Federal Judicial District of Puerto Rico. Balbuena Agueda was held in the extraditable ward of the Najayo prison in San Cristóbal.

The presidential decree that authorizes the extradition is 483-21 of August 20, but 53 days later is when the departure from the country is executed. The former official asked the judges of the Second Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice to release a record that he agreed to go voluntarily in extradition “to prove his innocence.”

Two others implicated in the alleged network of the former mayor also went to Puerto Rico. These are Ramón Ciprián Espinal and Amauris Peña García.

Two agree to leave
Two Dominicans wanted in extradition by the US for drug trafficking and homicide, agreed to leave voluntarily to face the charges in that nation.

The Second Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice ordered the extradition of Rafael Campos Martínez and Bienvenido Rodríguez, after they availed themselves of the abbreviated process to voluntarily go to the United States to answer for those charges.

Both, in hearings known separately, asked the judges to release a record that they agreed to leave voluntarily in extradition.


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