Ex-Bayern professional Arjen Robben has again announced the end of his career

Quote from moeliver95

His body just doesn’t do it anymore. He had a terrific career and the end in Munich was actually perfect. As far as I know, Groningen has been hit financially by Corona and Robben wanted to help.

As far as I know, it worked.

When he came out, the jerseys were always sold out for quite a while. Do not think that this often happens to the club!

I also think that he played for “Peanuts” (relatively!) And actually refinanced himself through jersey sales. Because I know quite a few Bayern fans who got a piece like this. And they won’t be the only ones, Robben was still one of the most famous players in the world at the time.


An absolute legend for FC Bayern, of course. It started with Ribéry and Van Gaal. But it wasn’t until Robben came along that Bayern made it back to Olympus football after a long time. To consistently become one of the best 8 teams (and better).

With Ribéry & Alaba and Robben & Lahm we had the best wings in the world for a while, how they harmonized and how much talent and class there was on the field. I think the Bayern fans who witnessed it will never forget those times.

Sorry for Mr. Robben, of course. I really think with him it’s a “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” thing. Willingly, he could probably still play professionally at 68. I hope he knows the football isn’t gone. He is intelligent and can certainly still occupy any position in professional football. Whether it’s a trainer job or the Kahn thing in management.

And he can still play football. Maybe in some old man’s hobby team or something. In the “normal” amateur leagues there would be any ********** that want to prove something powerful on the bones. The older men tend to be more level-headed. What a joy it would be for any elderly gentleman if an icon of world football suddenly played against them.

Either way, I’m not worried about his future. Famous, intelligent man who also has the options that money brings. He’s not that old either. The world is open to him, even if active professional football has just passed.

Great player, great person. Thank you, Arjen!


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