EWC 8 Hours of Suzuka: Gino Rea in serious condition after falling at the same place as Daijiro Kato

The day before the mythical Endurance race disrupted by the terrible accident of Gino Rea, hospitalized unconscious. Same point and same dynamic as a bad precedent.

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Endurance holds its breath awaiting official information from Yokkaichi Hospital on the state of health of Gino Rea, hoping with all my heart that they are reassuring. The 32-year-old British driver was involved in a nasty crash during free practice to prepare for the afternoon’s Top 10 Qualifying. 2009 European Supersport Champion, Gino Rea has no relationship with Jonathan Rea, six-time Superbike world champion, himself on track at the Suzuka 8 Hours with the Kawasaki Racing team. Here is the report and qualifying times.

Chilling dynamics
With the Honda FCC-TSR-Honda France, the flagship team of the golden wing 2017-18 world endurance champion, Gino Rea lost control coming out of the very fast “130”. He crossed the track, hitting the barriers on the left side as he approached the “Chicane du Triangle” which closes the lap. A terrifying dynamic that brought back memories of the tragic accident that claimed the life of Daijro Kato. During the MotoGP Grand Prix of Japan, the Japanese rider hit the same obstacle, was knocked out with serious head and chest injuries, and then died two weeks later.

Gino Rea hospitalized by helicopter
Television production did not show footage of the accident. On the amateur images, which did not film the impact, we only see the unconscious and immobile pilot. After a quick stint at the Suzuka Circuit Medical Center, Gino Rea was taken to hospital by helicopter. The TSR-FCC team has confirmed that late in the evening of Saturday, August 6, Japanese time, the pilot “was admitted unconscious” .

Statement from team manager Masakazu Fujii:
« It’s the first time that I have mixed feelings “, commented Masakazu Fujii, the team manager of FCC TSR Honda France. ““Gino crashed during free practice before qualifying and was taken away by medical helicopter. I pray for his condition and will do everything I can to help him. On Saturday, the FCC TSR Honda team also confirmed that they will be regularly at the start of the 8-hour race. Gino Rea’s teammates are the former MotoGP rider Mike Di Better and the Australian Josh Hook.

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