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Evo Morales: “I cannot understand how Peru did not allow the plane to land in Lima” | Bolivia | Martín Vizcarra | Mexico Latin America

The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, questioned on Wednesday that the Government of Martín Vizcarra has prevented the plane that moved him to his asylum in Mexico land at the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima to refuel. The statements were given to the newspaper El País de España.

Morales He thanked, in that sense, the availability of Paraguay and Brazil to allow the aircraft of the Mexican State, in which it was located, to land in its territory.

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“I respect and thank you very much to Paraguay and Brazil. Mexico obviously saved my life. I cannot understand how Peru, with whom we have so much friendship, with whom we share the same story, did not allow the plane to land in Lima, ”he said.

As recalled, on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Gustavo Meza-Cuadra said he asked his counterpart from Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, to consider other options for the transfer of Evo Morales from Bolivia to his country after his resignation from the presidency, after he I would ask to make a technical scale in Peru.

As he explained, the plane that would take Evo Morales from Bolivia to Mexico he had to return directly to that country; However, during the morning they asked for permission to land in our country.

However, the Mexican chancellor had a different version and in a press conference said that once the plane was able to land to pick up Evo Morales, the Peruvian government told them that by "political valuations" they could not refuel and return to Mexico.

Evo Morales, who was the first indigenous president of Bolivia, was 13 years and nine months in power, however, resigned after a crisis unleashed by accusations of fraud in the October elections.



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