Painful wherever you look at it. The defeat left Newell’s beaten and invaded by doubts. He got very little of what he proposed against a team like Arsenal plagued with limitations. But the reality is that the team that leads Adrian Taffarel Nor is he a paragon of virtues and between what it cost him to be aggressive and the mistakes in the background he had a setback that jettisoned the illusion of extending the series of triumphs.

Comfortable and crouched, Newell’s gave up the initiative with the purpose of buckling back, recovering it and leaving quickly, jumping the midline with long passes to exploit the doubts of Arsenal’s back.. Insecure, the defenders Gariglio and Breasts they were an invitation to face them and pass. Comba It did it to the minute of game, but it hurried and from outside the area it left it in the hands of Medina.

The weak home defense was immediately exposed again, before a shot from Cacciabue that came by chance to Garro within the area, no markings on it. From an optimal position, he kicked weakly.


Macagno only manages to look at Arsenal’s third goal.

Leonardo Vincenti / The Capital

But they were sporadic attempts. Each advance of the leprosy cost him an enormous amount. He had trouble associating and lacked depth. Shoot He raised his head twice looking for Comba, but he did not understand the play. A sample of the misunderstandings that reigned in the red and black set.

Such defects were opposed to the minimum order that it maintained from the middle to the back. To such an extent that the next risk action was again Newell’s, with a diagonal of Panchito González and the subsequent left foot that the one from Arsenal took over the crossbar. But the visit made the first mistake and it was fatal. An air ball did not end up being cleared by the defense and Sepúlveda lowered it headlong for the solitary entrance of Antilef, which he finished off before the exit of Macagno to set the 1 to 0.

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From that conquest, Newell’s their performance lowered. He did not find the return to the game and they began to reach him from the sides, with Sepúlveda disturbing in the final meters and Albertengo complicating Calcaterra. Fortunately for the leprosy, which ended the stage nervous and discussing the failures of referee Andrés Merlos, Arsenal was harmless.

#TorneoSocios | Date 21 | Arsenal – Newell’s summary

The imprecision and lack of ideas transformed Newell’s in a nondescript set. Pablo Pérez appeared too lonely. Helpless, he got more annoyed than was advisable and for the moment entered into struggles and reproaches.

The game was so lackluster that it was enough for a few to light up to make a difference. And it happened when Newell’s he showed no signs of reaction. Bittolo put it in depth and Panchito González put it in the middle so that Shoot tie it with a subtlety.

The goal gave another boost to Newell’s. He was encouraged and handled it for a longer time. Shoot He faced and from the middle distance he almost converted. The admitted Funez hit him headfirst in a center in Panchito González and passed close by. Garro could not with the dewatering of Medina after a pass from Shoot.

Without doing anything to write home about, the team of Taffarel hinted. But the unexpected happened. Macagno He went out to cut away and badly a center from the left and Sepúlveda put his head to score the goal.

Newell’s collapsed. That conquest was a blow. It was out of obligation, nothing more. And in the end, Farioli hit a free kick in the corner, to make the defeat even more painful. Leprosy begins to close a year for oblivion. And the chance that Taffarel will remain in office from 2022 begins to fade.

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