Upper Austria is currently a hotspot for corona numbers. What is noticeable is that around a third of the 1,177 newly infected people are adolescents. And there is a reason.

The numbers are alarming. There were more than 3,700 new infections from Tuesday to Wednesday, 1,177 of them in Upper Austria alone. That is a record. There weren’t that many in our federal state within 24 hours this year.

We asked the state crisis team why this is so. Answer: Of the 1,177 cases, 350 are in Upper Austria alone. Schools. And that has to do with the “everything rinses” PCR tests. They are always on Mondays. On Tuesdays you have the results – and these numbers are then always on in the Wednesday statistics. That is why Wednesdays are always “more infected” than the other days of the week, according to the crisis team.

But it is also a fact that 350 new infections currently go back to school operations – and that means: every third newly infected corona patient in Upper Austria is a schoolboy.

Almost 200 are in the hospital

Incidentally, 5,423 people in Upper Austria are currently infected with Corona. 156 of them are in normal wards in hospitals, 31 more in intensive care units.

One of the reasons for the high numbers in Upper Austria is the low vaccination rate. This is only 56.9 percent – and the lowest in Austria.

Cluster after politics event

A new corona cluster in Grünau im Almtal (district of Gmunden), which is said to have emerged after a political panel discussion of all things, reports the OÖN. 65 cases were recorded there.

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The starting point was an event on October 8th in a Grünau inn, two days before the mayor’s runoff election. Wolfgang Bammer (ÖVP) and challenger Klaus Kramesberger (SPÖ) answered questions from the visitors (by the way, the SPÖ won later).

Both politicians now have Corona – and numerous visitors have now tested positive, according to the OÖN.

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