“Even unaccompanied minors rejected”.  And now the NGO is attacking France

“Even unaccompanied minors rejected”. And now the NGO is attacking France

Europe 6 May 2023 – 09:40 While Darmanin accuses Meloni of being “incapable” of managing the migration crisis, France rejects unaccompanied minors on the border with Italy Gerald Darmanin opened the diplomatic crisis with Italy for the umpteenth time time, using words and tones unacceptable for an allied country. For some time now, the French Interior Minister has been cyclically attacking our country, demonstrating that he is inadequate to maintain good neighborly relations with friendly countries. Italy is actually going through a migration crisis but not because of the management of the Meloni government. Our country has been left alone by Europe even in the face of the increase in migratory flows and despite the maximum possible effort within the borders allowed by the European Union itself, due to the lack of assertiveness of left-wing governments, today everyone feels the right to interfere in internal politics. But, precisely on migrants, Italy cannot accept lessons from anyone, much less from France, which in this sense demonstrates total incapacity. The latest complaints against Emmanuel Macron’s country come from Doctors Without Borders, which in these hours of tensions between France and Italy continues in its violations of international agreements. Among the most obvious, as the NGO explains, are the pushbacks of minors to Ventimiglia by the French gendarmerie. This was revealed by Sergio Di Dato, head of the Médecins Sans Frontières mobile clinic which provides assistance to migrants in transit between Italy and France. While Darmanin accuses Giorgia Meloni of being incapable of managing the migration crisis, the French “are no longer able to absorb unaccompanied minors into their reception system and therefore have begun to send them back to Italy, which they could not do according to the regulations and the Berlin Regulation itself: they are obliged to take responsibility for it”. According to MSF, 20-25 push-backs take place every day from France to Italy, a figure that “it is feared could increase after the Paris squeeze that sent 150 reinforcement agents to the borders”. The MSF mobile clinic assists those who are rejected from Menton with a “refused entry” document and transferred to containers awaiting the taking over by the Italian police. A habit, the French one, which goes beyond all pacts and conventions. The inability of Macron’s country to take care of migrants derives from the management policies of the Ministry of the Interior, which depends precisely on Gerald Darmanin, cannot be a reason for unacceptable attacks on our country.

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