Even NPCs “voluntarily” leave the game

At some point you’ll be alone in the Wild West. Red Dead Online refers, also with the NPC and even in the wild animals. A Fehler in Red Dead Redemption 2 seems the PC-Version of the game to affect.

Red Dead Online PC players have reported screenshots via that deserted streets in Saint Denis and empty horse stables at Emerald Ranch demonstrate. Some players even report a completely empty Red Dead world, except for a few confused players running around. All very strange.

Only stubborn players. The Wild West becomes lifeless when only a few players get together there, but they don’t have any tasks either. Without NPCs and wildlife there isn’t much you can do.

What are the players saying? The displeasure of the remaining players is what will remain of Red Dead Online. “We removed NPCs to focus more on GTA 6,” said one disgruntled player. Another cowboy writes: “Prepare to survive.”

True statement? One aptly short sentence from a Redditor: “Even the NPCs are fed up with Rockstar’s shit.”

At least in the single player mode there are still enough NPC’s with which you can complete orders. – (C) Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online: Error makes NPCs disappear

At this point it has to be mentioned that this mega-bug fits the mood of the online offshoot of Red Dead Redemption 2 quite well. In 2018, when the single player came out, everything was still wonderful. After all, we’re talking about a game that’s on Metacritic received a rating of 97/100 from 99 critic reviews.

Well, the online component wasn’t as much a focus of Rockstar Games as GTA Online (GTA 5) from the start, but at least things seemed to be going well. While Rockstar is in the “full-time development” of GTA 6 has occurred and apparently bundles all forces there, Red Dead Online is more and more orphaned.

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Hope is in the community. If anyone can “judge” Red Dead Online, it’s the community. At least modders are getting new story content together, which Rockstar doesn’t seem to want to do anymore. Maybe we should just put the game in the hands of the fans who care.

Today I logged in and there were no npcs, anywhere, have any of you noticed the same thing? from RedDeadOnline

If you’re thinking to yourself at this point: “I don’t care, I play on console.” – So far it has not been officially confirmed, but apparently even the PS5 and Xbox Series versions of Red Dead Redemption 2 have been “cancelled”. So it’s only a matter of time before Red Dead Online is completely abandoned. At the latest with the release of GTA 6, which will be sometime between 2024 and 2026, the last deer will probably have disappeared from the Wild West. Maybe players should get used to carrying plates of stew across the country again.

Maybe they are Red Dead Online NPC not disappeared at all, but chilling out with “Blue Guy”.

Red Dead Redemption 2/Red Dead Online is available for Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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