Evelyn Burdecki robbed: “It was really scary”

Evelyn Burdecki robbed: “It was really scary”

Actually wanted to Evelyn Burdecki (34) go shopping in Düsseldorf in a relaxed manner. After just five minutes of shopping, the shock came: The TV personality suddenly got a call from the police. Her car was broken into!

On Instagram, the reality TV star describes: “I was actually robbed and it was really, really scary because the thieves watched me for a while.” The perpetrators followed Evelyn for a while and had looked exactly where and when it stops.

Evelyn Burdecki filming

Evelyn Burdecki filming “Manta, Manta”

In Düsseldorf she finally stopped in a parking lot and wanted to go shopping. Evelyn: “I went shopping and after five minutes I saw a call on the display and that was the Düsseldorf police.”

And further: “They said to me: Ms. Burdecki, come out, we just saw a man in your car who was crawling around and also stole a bag. Come out.”

The blonde couldn’t really believe the whole thing. “At first I thought it was a bad joke and someone was trying to make fun of me. I had locked my car, of course, but somehow he brought in a nuisance that my car wasn’t locked.”

At least that’s not how she had imagined the relaxed day of strolling. What was stolen? A large gym bag with a number of valuable items and lots of cash. “He put together a mixed bag from the car,” says Burdecki.

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Luckily, the police were able to stop the thief in time. “The police then continued to watch him and let him go first because they wanted to see if he still had an accomplice.” And he had an accomplice! The two of the perpetrators wanted to get out of the dust. However, the police were able to prevent this in time.

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And Evelyn? “I was then allowed to pick up my bag.” So everything went well again. The happy nature then thanked the Düsseldorf police. Apparently, Evelyn wasn’t the only victim of the thieves that day either.

She can recover quickly from the shock in the next few days, because Evelyn is going to be in the sun for now.

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