In a statement, the SEF explained that today it complied with seven warrants to search the home and other facilities and two warrants to search vehicles, as part of an investigation, coordinated by the DIAP of Seixal, associated with the activity of an evangelical church based in municipality of Seixal.

The 66-year-old bishop was appointed as a suspect in the repeated practice of crimes to aid illegal immigration.

With the help of his partner, the bishop has brought to Portugal, since 2018, dozens of alleged ministers of worship, benefiting from legal facilities for this purpose.

In national territory, the alleged ministers of the church obtained, with their help and in exchange for large amounts of money, regularization with the SEF and began to dedicate themselves to other activities that have nothing to do with the evangelical life.

In addition to charging for legalization processes, the defendant installed foreign citizens in supposedly missionary bases of the church and with inadequate living conditions, in exchange for around 300 euros a month per room.

In the operation, according to the SEF, documents, mobile phones and money were also seized.

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