Evaluna and her first Mother’s Day with Indigo

Evaluna y Camilo became parents on April 9 of this year, as they brought their first baby named Indigo.

Camilo and Evaluna Montaner are living a full-time honeymoon due to confinement! They are more in love than ever.

And if that was not enough, Indigo turns one month old on this Monday, so The tribe already expects some celebration of the whole family to the minor.

And it is that, although they rarely show off the baby on social networks,

and Evaluna have presented Indigo with little winks on digital platforms.

Such is the case of the interpreter of Rich’s lifewho appeared a few days ago carrying and dancing with her baby to the rhythm of the song Pegao.

As was to be expected, the reactions of social network users did not wait and some people were moved by one of the first videos of the baby.

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VIDEO of Camilo and Indigo hit social networks.

Evaluna celebrates its first Mother’s Day

Camilo not only spills honey for his baby Indigo, well Evaluna She is another member of the family who has expressed her joy at becoming a mother for the first time.

And it is that, through its official social networks, the daughter of Ricardo Montaner shared how he celebrated his first Mother’s day.

In the photograph you can see Evaluna pose with a white shirt, golden necklaces and a made-up face, revealing that she spent her first Mother’s day with her most glamorous side and surrounded by love.

Following in the footsteps of his mother, Indigo He also showed off his most glamorous side at his young age, since he debuted as a model in his grandmother Marlene’s clothing brand. With blue clothes and a lot of tenderness, the baby shone in the firm The red thread Atelier.

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This is the facet as a model of Indigo, Camilo and Evaluna’s baby.



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