Eurospin, promotions and discounts from 1 to 14 August: browse the new flyer

New offers all not to be missed directly from the brand new Eurospin flyer next week. Summer is hot, and it is putting Italians in all regions to the test, but luckily it arrives a wave of freshness with Eurospin discounts on most of its products most requested.

The new Eurospin flyer: from 1st to 14th August

It’s about a limited promotion over time, which starts right from the 1st of August and which can be exploited for two weeks, until August 14thday before the big lunch of mid-August. Offers that fall perfectly for anyone who wants to fill the fridge with food and stock up on the event and the most awaited meal of the summer.

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What to eat in mid-August?

Summer, you know, is also the best time for grilling outdoors, in the company of relatives and friends. If you are thinking of organizing one for mid-August, or in any case for the next few weeks, you absolutely cannot miss these crazy offers of the new flyer Eurospin: mixed meats, frankfurters, cut and much more to crown your summer days in the best possible way.

The flyer in detail

So, at this point, we just have to browse together the best offers selected for you by our editorial staff, with the best offers present for the next hot weeks:

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