Europe shields itself against jihadism

The successive terrorist attacks that in recent weeks have rocked France and hit Vienna on Monday made the noise on Tuesday the alarms in Europe, which has decided to shield itself against the jihadist advance. On the same day that the French authorities arrested new suspects for the attack on the Nice Basilica and outlawed a new organization for its radicalism, Germany and Italy reinforced their border controls, while Hungary offered Austria the sending of special forces and the United Kingdom raised its alert level.

The climate of tension and concern was noticed from early in the morning with the message of condemnation sent by the different governments after the terrorist massacre in Vienna. As part of an important search for suspects, the German Police decided to reinforce their controls with Austria and, together with the Hungarian Government, offered the neighboring country to send special forces agents if necessary.

Italy, like Germany, decided to shield its southern border line, one of the main gateways to Europe. The objective is to detect the arrival of subjects susceptible to committing attacks such as those perpetrated in the French cities of Paris and Nice, and in Vienna. In addition, he intensified “controls at border posts” on immigrants arriving from the North African coasts, “also with the involvement of the Army,” according to the Interior Minister, Lucia Lamorgese, who on Tuesday chaired a meeting with the National Committee for order and security, together with the leadership of the Police, the secret services, the penitentiary system and the General Staff. Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister, Luigi di Maio, asked create an anti-terrorism law in Europe, inspired by the American ‘Patriot Act’, after the last attacks.

An outlawed Turkish group

Determined not to step back, French President Emmanuel Macron showed his condemnation of the Vienna massacre at the same time as the French Police proceeded to arrest four suspects in the Paris region for possible links with the jihadist who murdered three people on October 29 at the Notre Dame basilica in Nice. Likewise, the Interior Minister, GĂ©rald Darmanin, announced, in the name of the fight against radicalism, the dissolution of the Turkish group Gray Wolves after several recent incidents.

Switzerland, mobilized in the search for suspects in the attacks in Vienna, arrested two young men, aged 18 and 24, in coordination with the Austrian authorities. Hours earlier, the UK had decided to raise the terrorist alert level to the fourth degree on a scale of five. The “severe” level on the scale means that an attack is “highly probable”, detailed the British Executive.