EU mission intends to train 15 thousand soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine

As part of the EU training mission, the launch of which was approved today, European countries aim to train at least 15,000 soldiers from the armed forces of Ukraine, said Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy. He emphasized that the number of military trained by European specialists could be increased.

“We want to train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers to begin with, maybe more,” Mr. Borrell said during today’s press conference, the recording of which is available on the website of the Council of the European Union.

Earlier, the EU foreign ministers approved the provision of the sixth part of military aid to Ukraine in the amount of €500 million, and also agreed on the launch of a training mission. She was supported by all European countries, except for Hungary, whose officials refused to participate in training events.

About the consequences of the entry of Russian troops in Ukraine – in the broadcast “Kommersant”.

Andrey Sapozhnikov

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