October 12, 2021 –
Because Microsoft Teams delivers as a bundle with Office and Windows, the competition sees itself at a disadvantage. Slack has now filed a competition lawsuit with hefty allegations with the EU.

Due to a complaint from the Unified Communication provider Slack to the EU Competition Commission, it is now examining steps against Microsoft and its UC software teams. In a first step, the competitors of Teams – namely Slack, Cisco (Webex), Google and Zoom, among others – are to be questioned in order to check whether further legal steps are necessary, as reported by “Reuters”. It is about the integration of teams in the office suite as well as in Windows. Slack takes the position that the practice of delivering teams with Office in one package is illegal and demanded that Microsoft must be forced to distribute them separately to the users. Teams are also preinstalled, not easy to uninstall and Microsoft deliberately withholds the necessary information to fellow web applicants.

The survey of the competition revolves around the period from 2016 to 2021, Teams itself has been on the market since 2017. Among other things, the question is how many customers have been lost to teams and Microsoft’s bundle strategy over the years. (win)


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