Ethics Council member on mandatory vaccination: “Handle a few unruly people”

Status: 07/14/2021 02:09 am

The human geneticist Henn, a member of the German Ethics Council, has in the daily topics compulsory vaccination for teachers and educators is required. However, he rejects a general compulsory vaccination.

In the debate about compulsory vaccination for certain occupational groups, the human geneticist and member of the German Ethics Council, Wolfram Henn, im daily topics-Interview a general vaccination refused. But when it comes to people “who have chosen job-related responsibility”, then they “have to be more responsible than others”.

The human geneticist Wolfram Henn calls for a mandatory vaccination for teachers and educators

Daily topics 10:15 p.m., July 13th, 2021

Henn spoke of teachers and daycare workers, some of whom refused to be vaccinated. “We need a handle against these few unruly people who then also endanger others,” said Henn, who pleaded for a job-related vaccination requirement.

Regarding privileges for vaccinated people, the human geneticist said he was against compulsory vaccination through the back door, but a gym operator must have the right to say that he only allows vaccinated people in to protect his employees and customers.

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Kai Clement, ARD Berlin, 14.7.2021 · 06:53

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