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Coliseum was downloaded more than 223 thousand times, for which it generated in 2020 about 1.7 million pesos

Etecsa and Desoft monopolize millionaire profits for Cuban video game

Coliseum is an RPG in which heroes of future generations will prepare in the tournaments of the Valahar kingdom. (Photo:

The state companies Etecsa and Desoft monopolized the majority of the millionaire profits from the commercialization of the Cuban video game Coliseum. During 2020, the role-playing game with futuristic characters was downloaded more than 223 thousand times, for which it generated revenues of more than 1.7 million pesos.

As confirmed to the official newspaper Granma, Doctor of Sciences Hassán Lombera Rodríguez, director of the Center for Interactive Technologies of the University of Computer Sciences (UCI), the winnings of the game were distributed as follows: 60% for Etecsa and Desoft; and 40% for the UCI as creator of the game and the Animation Studios of Icaic as content providers.

“It is a pending task to achieve percentages that benefit more content providers, since alliances are important to reach a successful conclusion in the development of a video game, and the current scheme is not stimulating, when the contributions in the supply chain are analyzed. value ”, pointed out Lombera Rodríguez in relation to the grabbing of Etecsa and Desoft of the profits when their only involvement was the distribution of the game.

Coliseum arose from the official orientation of creating our own video game industry to show “the greatness of our history and national identity” without having to depend on video games from the globalized international market.

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With this objective, a platform for multiplayer video games Cosmox is being developed, where users can connect to play online games that allow the celebration of tournaments.

The platform itself will also allow the download of the video game upon payment through an online payment platform.

“The development of this platform will lay the foundations for, together with the Scientific Technological Park of Havana, to promote the growth of the nascent video game industry in Cuba,” said the UCI official.

Currently the most popular video games on the Cosmox platform are: Coliseum, Kuba Kart and Escape.

Coliseum is an RPG. In it, heroes of future generations will prepare in the Valahar kingdom tournaments to combat intruders from another dimension who have caused chaos throughout the world, according to the synopsis.

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