ESPN host talks about his faith in Jesus

ESPN host talks about his faith in Jesus

CHRISTIANNEWS.COM- Rece Davis, the well-known presenter of the program, “College GameDay the ESPN”has recently spoken about his Christian faith, on the podcast Sports Spectrum.

Davis recounted how he grew up in a Christian home, where faith, Bible study, and church attendance were constant.

“We read the Bible as a family”

“I remember when I was a child, we read the Bible as a family, every night. I wanted to watch football, on Monday nights, at least for a while, until I had to go to bed. And I couldn’t do it, until we had done our devotional that night,” he shared.

Davis, 57, graduated from the University of Alabama. He worked at television stations in Alabama, Georgia and Michigan, before joining ESPN in March 1995, as reported by The current.

He has reported news and sports results as the presenter of various programs on the sports network, including Sportscenter. In February 2015, ESPN announced that Davis would host the show. College GameDaytraveling all over the country.

examples of faith

Davis said his father served as a deacon at the local Church of Christ in his hometown and his parents showed him examples of faith from the time he was born.

“As a deacon, his role was basically to serve,” he explained. “Whether it was driving a church bus, visiting or taking care of things, for people in need, I saw this role model and example from my parents, from the time I was born, so I was blessed in that way.”

“But there is always that moment when you realize that your faith is not inherited. I was baptized when I was 13 or 14 years old, and I was still active,” Davis recalled.

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“To be honest, I have many moments of regret throughout my faith,” Davis confessed. “But I don’t have the story, which many people have that are so inspiring, that they didn’t know the Lord at all. I basically came out of the womb, being taught that, and I’m very thankful for that,” he concluded.

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