He Spanish Today he plays one of the two games he has left in First
Division in Mestalla against him Valencia. But the focus will not be on the grass, where the blue and white team no longer plays absolutely anything, but in the offices. According to assures IB3
TV, the until now coach of Mallorca, Vicente
Moreno, has decided not to continue next year in the team he has led since Monday
B up to First. This change of scenery could be due to a negotiation, which the islands claim is advanced, with Espanyol.

From the parakeet club for the moment they neither confirm nor deny the information, but it is evident that they are working hard to announce their new coach as soon as possible and thus begin to repair the battered illusions of their fans.

Like the offensive playing style that Mallorca has shown this course

Vicente Moreno’s profile is one that fits like a glove in the needs that Espanyol’s sports management has set. Have experience in Monday and has been promoted to the First Division. Without being any guarantee, they also like the offensive playing style that Mallorca has shown this course, with one of the lowest budgets in the category.

Moreno began his career as a coach in the Xerez, club in which he retired as a footballer. At Nastic got a promotion to the silver category and the following year reached third place, without being able to move up in the playoff . His next destination was Mallorca, where he did achieve the objective of ascending twice consecutively, something very unusual, and thereby place Mallorca in the First Division. As a result of this success, the Vermillion Club renewed its contract until 2022. If Espanyol wants to get their services, they would have to pay the clause that releases them from their contract.

Designing a quality and hungry template is the goal

This season Mallorca has always lived on the edge of the abyss and in the absence of two games is four points from an already complicated salvation. Despite this, his work has always been analyzed in a very positive way on the island.

Espanyol has only two games left to finish the competition, against Valencia and the Celtic, but in the offices for weeks they are already thinking about the future. Designing a quality and hungry template is the goal. But the first step will be to bring in a coach to lead this ambitious project.