Ascend, ascend and ascend. Vicente Moreno, chosen by the white-and-blue bench, will have no other goal. His incorporation will be official in the next few hours, once the fringes of the separation of the coach of Massanassa (Valencia) with Mallorca have been closed. Espanyol has been entrusted with a promotion specialist: he has lived five of them throughout his career, two as a player and three as a coach. A determining factor in approving his candidacy and that adds to his extensive knowledge of the Second Division (329 games as a player and 128 as a coach).

The first two he lived as a footballer from Xerez. The first goal of the victory against Huesca (2-1) was his, a goal that certified the first promotion of the Andalusians to Primera. The third came in his second year at Nàstic. In Tarragona, in fact, he was left with a goal in the last day (Alabès tied them in the 89th minute), in his third season, to go up to Primera. In the promotion promotion, Osasuna deprived them of sleep.

An ambitious and methodical technician

Two years later he decided to take a step back, return to the Second B, to do two ahead: return Mallorca to the elite. The Valencian has a strong character, as he showed last summer, when he scolded the Mallorca squad in a training session: “There are footballers who play 300 or 400 games in the Second Division and do not even train in the First Division. In the first workout you see a bad face or someone loosening up a bit, to take by the sack. If necessary, we will have eight left ”. Despite the descent, no one in Mallorca, neither fans nor management, wanted to leave.

“As a person he is a very close guy. He really likes to control everything, from the decisions that affect the staff to the message that goes abroad “, explains the Tarragona journalist Edu Pino. Another of Moreno’s characteristics that fit Espanyol is his tendency to bet on the long term. “As a player and as a coach I have always tried to be faithful to the team where I have been and to be in long projects. I was in no hurry to change, although I had options to go to other teams that could seem better in terms of sports or finances, “he said in an interview with the same journalist. He recently, in fact, turned down an Alava proposal to continue in Primera.

A hard and trustworthy core

Another distinctive feature is his willingness to surround himself with trusted people. “It is likely that he will try to take away players and members of Mallorca’s coaching staff, as he did when he left Nàstic. He likes to surround himself with a hard and trustworthy blog “, confesses Pino. “Surrounding yourself with good and valid people, who push you and make you better, is one of the keys to the successes I have experienced,” admits Moreno. When he arrived in Mallorca, in addition to members of his work team, he also managed to incorporate men such as Manolo Reina, Lago Júnior, Xisco Campos, Álex López, Álvaro Bustos and Ferran Giner, with whom he had worked in Tarragona. Names like Valjent, Budimir or Baba, who have shone with the Valencian coach, would fit Espanyol, but their high price makes it difficult to get out.

Pino also assumes that Espanyol will have assured him of having a voice and a vote in the preparation of the staff. So far he has done so with the support of Promosport, the agency that represents him. The white-and-blues, in fact, are waiting to sign him to close out advanced operations, such as those of Fran Mérida or Keidi Baré. After the coach will come the first signings.