If there is something that will not disturb Rufete They are the criticisms, that each day that passes increases more. He Spanish It went down last day and it did not help that the image improved because before the Eibar They returned to give a lamentable image. The mind of the sports director, now a coach, is on the grass and he assured in the press conference after the final whistle that as soon as the season is over they will get “going”, although there are already people “working”.

Regarding the game, he pointed out that the defeat occurs “with two penalties” and that “when you try and big things don’t come out, obviously everything multiplies by two”, for what is “frustrating and negative”. For Rufete “there is no need to give it more thought” and just try to “reverse the situation”, although there is no longer anything at stake. Accept, resignedly, “the barrage of criticism.” Now his job, beyond gestating the team for next season, is to “convince the dressing room to run and honor the shirt.”

Denies discrepancies with the CEO, José María Durán

In the pre-match press conference he detailed the details of the clauses of Raúl de Tomás and Leandro Cabrera and took the opportunity to reprimand whoever leaked the information. The interpretations that he could refer to the CEO, José María DuránThey did not take long to appear. But Rufete denied it: “It has nothing to do with José María. We have a very good relationship. The important thing, regardless of what can be interpreted, is if we want to be a club where confidential things and small details stay at home. It is not a situation with José María because it takes a lot of work and effort. The working hours are there and nobody can deny us that. ”

When asked about the erosion of his figure and criticism for being one of the people responsible for the decline, he answered that “the fans have a right and are sovereign in their opinion”, but that he is “here” because he is “part of the past project , previous and future “and because,” with all humility “tries” to do the best possible “. He considers that “he has done some, not many, things well”. Also, and as usual, he reiterated that he is “standing up for the players and the entity.” “People judge me, I am doing my best with the best intention, I am doing the best I can,” he insisted. He told fans that they may be “partly right” and that they will be “a fundamental part of the club’s day-to-day life” as “they have been in these 120 years of history.” “It is a boat and we have to sail forward. I can like it more or less but for my club I will always stand up ”, he finished.

He assures that he will give minutes to the youngest to learn

He also confirmed that between now and the end of the season Rufete acknowledged that he will be giving minutes to young players like Victor
Gómez The Nico
Melamed “So they can see situations”. “They are also learning because they will surely be able to contribute to the club.” The same can happen with others like the goalkeeper Oier
Olazabal The Matthias