Escape from Bellizzi prison, here are the prisoners on the run

In the early hours of last night, three inmates escaped from the Avellino Prison. One of them, 45 years old of Albanian origin, was captured by the Carabinieri of the Radiomobile Section of the Compagnia di Avellino, while trying to escape from prison.

The searches of the other two are still ongoing, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Avellino: they are a 40-year-old Moroccan and a 22-year-old Romanian.

According to the first investigations and investigations, the three inmates made a hole in the wall of their cell and from there they lowered themselves with the sheets. “Two of them would have used the same sheets to climb over the surrounding wall, while the other, a man of Albanian nationality, would have been blocked by the prison police who intervened after the alarm triggered by the operations room that had realized what was happening taking place. A fourth inmate would have remained in his cell, giving up escaping at the last moment “.

This was reported by Gennarino De Fazio, Secretary General of the Uilpa Penitentiary Police, who adds: “As widely expected and reported, the spiral of negative events, in every respect, affecting the prison system and, ultimately, the safety of the Country. Avellino, moreover, is a déjà vu, with the same dynamics there was another escape a few years ago. A prison decree must be immediately approved to deal with the staff emergency of the prison police which are missing 18 thousand units, but also to rethink the overall organization of the Corps and of the prison administration, as well as the equipment and the instrumental and technological equipment. Furthermore, a unitary reform of the penal execution system is needed. The Minister Cartabia, the President Draghi and the Government take note of everything. They open a confrontation immediately, the rest are only palliatives “, he concludes.

The prison police union Uspp also expressed its opinion on the matter. “You do not need academic studies such as those wanted by the Minister Cartabia to say that the prisoners must be re-educated by offering them mobile phones, work and humanization of the sentence, which already exist in the current penitentiary system.

Without thinking of equipping the Penitentiary Police with suitable human and instrumental resources, it means being short-sighted with respect to those who disregard prison laws and rules and guilty favoring evasions and disorders now on the agenda “.

Thus, in a note, the president of the Uspp Penitentiary Police union, Giuseppe Moretti, and the regional secretary of Campania, Ciro Auricchio, comment on the evasion that took place last night in Avellino. “Sorry – they underline – the deafening silence in which agents are left who are too often the only ones to pay without blame on the security status of prisons. We have been denouncing the state of abandonment of prisons in Campania for some time, both in terms of personnel lack 600 prison police officers in the region both in terms of advanced technological tools “, conclude the two trade unionists.



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