ESCA / Tournay at the end of the suspense

ESCA / Tournay at the end of the suspense

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J.-B. D.

ESCA/Tournay 33-Maubourguet 29

MT : 20-8. Referee: Tristan Sanchez, linesmen Colin Paillard, Emma Esplougue. Delegate Patrick Quessette.

Maubourguet: Dutrey, E. Reynard Mocellin, Gardel, Ducouron, Priour Forcolin; (o) Castro Ferreira, (m) Dantin; Lambert, Lemouzy, Ducasse; T. Reinhard, Miqueu; Brivot (cap), Lasserre, Dastugue. Replacements Lescure, Forgues, Daguin, Boy, Artigarrède, Sainte-Croix. Coach Eric Dantin. Castro Ferreira is yellow carded (14)

ESCA/Tournay: Azan, Lebarbier, Tamemosse, Coulaud, Ziani; (o) Carmouze (cape), (m) Pambrun; Colet, Réjani, Samson; Rabenirina, Free; Baldes, Mathie, Rodenmacher. Replacements Rodrigues, Dastas, Bar, Riche, Héguy, Disdier, Richard.

After a round of applause in memory of Lilian Abadie, Tournay player, the two teams immediately got to the heart of the matter. If the people of Maubourg have climbed the first step of the score on a penalty goal from Dantin (12th), the ESCA / Tournay agreement will work hard on two well-constructed tries.

First with Rodenmacher at the end of the efforts of his pack of forwards (15th), then Lebarbier overflowing on his wing (20th). Brivot’s try at the exit of a penal touch (34th) will allow Maubourguet to fill the score before the break.

In the second half, Eric Dantin’s proteges will go queen with Dastugue in the heart of the fray (60th), Dantin in support of his forwards (60th), Castro Ferreira on a fake pass (64th).

A few minutes from the final whistle, the Maubourguet team thought they had done the essentials. Except that on the last action of the meeting, the back of the agreement will offer a run to behind the try line (70th). ESCA / Tournay will lift the trophy, Maubourguet consoling her in this final where the dilemma would have deserved to designate two winners. But…

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