Eros Porto returns with an area dedicated to sex education

The 14th edition of Eros Porto – Salão Erótico do Porto is back with shows, demonstrations of sex toys and an area dedicated to sex education. It starts this Thursday, in pavilion 6 of Exponor, in Matosinhos, and runs until Sunday.

The most daring event in Portugal returns this Thursday and has some new features, namely an area dedicated to sex education. The latter is in charge of Rafaela Rolhas, psychologist, specialist in clinical sexology and spokesperson for the event, who, in statements to JN, says she hopes that with this area “we can contribute to a much more positive, credible and fun image”. of sexuality.

The issue of sex education is still a controversial subject. For the sexologist, “sex education is everyone’s job and should be a very social thing”, adding that “there should be a more important role in schools. It goes without saying that things get resolved”. Concerning the fear that many people have in the face of sex education, especially in schools, Rafaela Rolhas assures JN that “it will not promote absolutely anything, it will just say, ‘you will do this, unless you don’t want to, you will probably want to , if you want to know everything that is here and then make your decisions'”.

The sexologist was present at the official presentation of Eros Porto 2022, which took place this Tuesday at Cais de Gaia, where Juli Simón, director of the event, Mystress Sylvia, dominatrix and actress, and ShowGirl Von Fénix, who performed a little show.

“This is a very special edition, after the break due to the pandemic, because it is a moment of reunion, which we prepared with great enthusiasm. We have all the components for the public to enjoy a unique experience: sex education, market news and the best entertainment, with excellent artists”, guarantees Juli Simón, director of Eros Porto.

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A space for all tastes

The event is organized in four different thematic areas, but with the erotic side in common: “Sem Tabo”, dedicated to sex education, “Inocente”, about the tantric dimension of love and the artistic perspectives of eroticism, “Marota”, where the universe of fetishes is presented, and “Perversa”, with the most explicit contents.

At “Sem Tabus”, the highlights are classes on different topics with various specialists, an office to clear all doubts – in charge of Rafaela Rolhas, a specialist in clinical sexology -, and everything about erotic toys.

At “Inocente”, the highlight goes to the spaces of Extasia and Escola Nacional de Tantra on the tantric vision of love, with workshops, conferences and erotic and ecstatic shows, Erotic Art with different artistic perspectives on eroticism, the Erotic Boulevard, with exhibitors that bring the latest in articles, complements and services, Sexual Health, with all the information on sex and prevention, and Food & Drinks, to satisfy the pleasures of gluttony.

In “Marota” the focus is on fetishes. In this area, you can see erotic stages, the BDSM space, with dominators and slaves, as well as all the objects of this universe, such as whips and sticks. There is also a space dedicated to Shibari, the Japanese art of tying the other with ropes, and other fetishes. Here you can also make sensual productions with a professional photographer in the area.

In “Perversa” there is room for everything but modesty. It will be possible to watch fully explicit shows by the main European stars of adult cinema as well as access the Swinger Zone, the alternative for couples who want to get out of the monogamous life. There is also a “Dark Room” and an area for erotic massages. Also noteworthy is the LGBTI Space, with gay, lesbian, bisexual – two actors and an actress – and trans shows.

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A stage of several artists with eroticism in common

At Eros Porto 2022, national and international artists will also be present, from actresses, actors and strippers to pole dancers, dancers, acrobats and many others. Dayanis Marrero, participant in Got Talent Portugal 2022, teacher and national pole dance champion and circus artist will be one of the participants. Von Fénix will also present dance numbers allied to circus arts, such as aerial, fire fakirism and contortionism. With aerial acrobatics is the Silver & Gold duo.

In the field of adult cinema are actresses such as Silvia Rubí, Sheila Ortega, Pamela Sanchez, Mary Rider, Daniela Evans or Dámaris, and actors Salva DaSilva, Jesus Sanchez, Emilio Ardana or Capitano Eric, among others.

At Espaço LGBTI, for the first time in Porto, there will be the Basque Apolo Adrii, an actor who debuted last year and stars on the OnlyFans platform, the Brazilian John Brachalli, a participant in several international productions, and the Brazilian transsexual actress Lludy Fortune, the which are joined by repeaters Viktor Rom and Santi Noguera. Also noteworthy is the presence of the pole dancer from Porto Miguel Brito and the debut of the masseuse Jared Diamond, with his private erotic massages.

The Portuguese dominatrix Mystress Sylvia, actress for Genuine Films, will also be present with shows in the medical and sadism variants, horse carriage rides with pony and needles and pins.

An event without taboos where there are still taboo subjects

In what is the most erotic event in the country, there are still controversial issues, namely the presentation of shows with pornographic actors where there is no room for shyness. At a time when pornography and associated problems are increasingly being talked about, sexologist Rafaela Rolhas assures JN that pornography is only bad if it is an addiction. “There are people who actually like it and make use of it and that’s fine with me, and other people who don’t like it and that’s fine too”, she says.

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Although she does not deny that there are problems associated with pornography, namely the pleasure being very focused on the man and the remuneration of pornographic actors, the psychologist also states that it is not up to pornography to educate: “There are other people like me for that, in schools or in faculties, to do this work”.

Eros Porto 2022 takes place from Thursday to Sunday, from June 2 to 5, between 3 pm and 2 am, with the last day going until 10 pm, in pavilion 6 of Exponor, in Matosinhos.

Daily tickets cost 15 euros and the four-day pass costs 60 euros, and can be purchased online or at the event’s box office.



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