Ernestina Pais acknowledged that she gets along badly with her sister Federica – Paparazzi Magazine

Ernestina Pais He was honest about the bond he has with his sister Federica. At LAM, he acknowledged that they have “different ways of facing life”.

How are you with your sister who was always shooting?he consulted Angel De Britolive, question that surprised the “little angel” invited to replace Yanina Latorre.

And although at first Ernestina managed to answer that the relationship with her sister was fine, the cycle driver America insisted on his query and said: “you are very different. And that journalist’s comment “triggered” Pais’s confession about the twists and turns in the relationship with Federica…

I think that the fights of brothers are something inevitable”justified Ernestina. “But that is exactly the point. It’s not a fight, but the difference with which we face life“, the driver was honest.

Each one experienced it differently. Tragedies are very strong. It doesn’t go easily. When someone underestimates a relationship between sisters with a fact like that, it’s not okay“, explained País about the disappearance of the father of both during the military dictatorship.

I find it strange that they ask me how I get along with her. We worked together, we made a program”added Ernestina, with some annoyance, when asked about this specific issue. “If we work together it means that we were not fighting”Pais finished.

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