Ermedin Demirovic raves about FC St. Gallen after leaving

The Bosnian striker Ermedin Demirovic left FC St. Gallen after a successful season for SC Freiburg. Looking back, he only has positive things to say about his time at the FCSG.

In a conversation with the “kicker”, the 22-year-old goes into raptures. “It was an extremely good time. I’ve never had such a good season, I’ve got a lot of trust from the coach, the sports director, the whole club and also from the team from day one, ”said Demirovic.

At St. Gallen he was able to play freely again after a difficult time in Spain at Deportivo Alaves. He also remembered the euphoria in Eastern Switzerland. St. Gallen fought to stay, but ultimately supported the transfer to the Bundesliga: “Alain Sutter said that if you take the step away from here, Freiburg is exactly the right club.”

After just a week’s vacation with his girlfriend in Greece, Demirovic is preparing for the new season with the SC. The striker also reveals that contact with the Breisgauer came about before the Corona period. He was finally convinced of a change in discussions with sports director Klemens Hartenbach and above all coach Christian Streich: “I immediately felt that a lot of things fit together, including my way of playing. I called my parents and my girlfriend and said: I think that’s it, we don’t need to talk to other clubs, that will be my way. “

psc 25 August, 2020 11:43