Erica Meiland denies reporting to rapper | Stars

“I have indeed seen something pass by from some rapper that I do not know at all,” Meiland says to the program. She says she listened to the song for a while and thought it was “a nice rhythm”. “At least we haven’t sent any email. We have not sent anything.”

In the song JABROUN sings: “F*ck Erica Meiland, I don’t need such toxic people in my country, if I can, I’m going to kidnap her and put her on an island.” In the background of the video clip, a woman can be seen with a bag over her head and two people with a cleaver in their hand.

The text is probably a reaction to Meiland’s book that was published at the end of last year. In her book Erica, Meiland says, among other things, that Islam brings “a lot of misery”. “The many curses and the many expressions of support I have received show that the Netherlands is very divided when it comes to criticism of Islam,” she later wrote on Instagram. “My approach has always been, and always will be, to stand up for women’s rights!”

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