The epidemic that is restarting, the conspiracy of Raoult and Perronne, conflicts of interest … The infectious disease specialist from Pitié-Salpêtrière shoots on sight, and it’s scathing.

L’Express: Are you worried about a rebound in the epidemic in France?

Pr Eric Caumes : At the Salpêtrière, my unit dedicated to Covid is full. There has never been a disappearance of the virus, contrary to what I have heard in the media. It continued to circulate quietly, and there have always been patients hospitalized for it. But recently, flights between Algeria and France were organized before the borders officially reopened. There were infected people on board. Since last Saturday, we have had cases of binationals who have probably gone to confine themselves there and have been repatriated. There are about twenty patients all over France. This raises the question of the tracing and isolation of all the people who have traveled with them, who are now scattered over the territory and risk causing the epidemic to start again here, while it is booming in the region. Maghreb. It’s exploding in Algeria, and the curve is similar in Morocco. PCR tests should also be set up for those who board the plane in Algiers.

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