Erding nitrate in drinking water: the federal government for nature conservation attacks politics

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Von: Hans Moritz


How polluted is our drinking water. Nobody can say exactly – that’s exactly what the dispute is about. © Lukas Schulze/dpa

The dispute over the red areas with excessive nitrate pollution in drinking water in parts of the Erding district is entering the next round.

Erding – The Bund Naturschutz (BN) raises serious allegations against District Administrator Martin Bayerstorfer and the district council, who wrote a fire letter because of too few measuring points and unsuitable measuring points (we reported).

According to the BN, the district is playing down the problem and is not doing anything to protect the drinking water. He speaks of “thimble arguments”. According to a statement, Bayerstorfer’s criticism of the implementation regulation that came into force at the beginning of the year is “scandalously one-sided and contains gross misjudgments”.

“The fact is that the groundwater at the measuring points has an increased nitrate load and urgent action must be taken,” says Sabine Lanzner from the BN. The limit values ​​are medically justified and, according to the World Health Organization, should now even be lowered further. The BN is convinced that the costs of cleaning drinking water cannot be passed on to consumers.

“It is also a fact that animal husbandry is the decisive factor for nitrate input. The district of Erding is one of the richest in livestock in Bavaria and therefore has to absorb far too large a quantity of nitrate-rich residues for the area,” says Lanzner. That inevitably leads to problems, not only with nitrate.

According to BN, the argument that the warehouse at the nearby Raiffeisen sales outlet falsifies the groundwater readings is a serious accusation against the Raiffeisen warehouse. “As far as we know, the fertilizers are stored and loaded there in closed halls with a concrete floor. Dust discharge through the gate is minimal,” reports Lanzner.

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The nature conservation association is of the opinion: “The soil and groundwater in many regions of Germany urgently need relief, which can only be achieved in the short term by complying with the guidelines and in the long term by (re)introducing land use for animal husbandry.”

The association accuses Germany and the federal states of having delayed the problem. Measures should have been taken in 2014. From 2018, fines of 800,000 euros a day would have threatened. The nitrate regulation only came at the turn of the year. “Years have been wasted and we are now complaining about unreasonable regulations.”

As reported several times, the district assumes that the measurements are incorrect and is calling for a finer grid. If the increased values ​​​​are confirmed, you will change course immediately. ham

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