Epic Games Store released its two free games: Cool, Serve, Delicious 3!? and Rumbleverse

Epic Games Store is preparing its users for two action-packed weeks with free offers that try to get adrenaline pumping. The library of titles will activate Cook, serve, delicious 3?! until August 18, to then make way for a special DLC of the new Rumble verseshis free-to-play proposal for an open world of wrestling.

Cook, serve, delicious 3!? (Vertigo Gaming Inc)

The third part of the culinary history of Cook, Serve, Delicious represents a resounding turn to the structure of resource and kitchen administrators. Far from returning to the restaurant that the protagonist built with great effort in the first games, the reality of a war breaking out in his country turns his projects on its head. In this third edition, players no longer face their complaining customers, but instead an assortment of enemies who want to take away the only thing they have left: their food truck.

Via 380 levels, the protagonist dedicates himself to defending his space while cooking delicious dishes to sell in various destinations. Thanks to Whisk and Clever, the trusty robots that help defend the truck, players will also have to win over the crowd to compete for the Iron Cook Foodtruck Championship.

Does that sound like a lot of madness? This third iteration of the Vertigo Gaming Inc experience has activated the new chill mode to cook quietly and evenly a local co-op mode so that the challenges can be shared.

Rumbleverse (Iron Galaxy Studios)

Rumbleverse (Iron Galaxy Studios)

To take advantage of the free-to-play launch Rumble versesTim Sweeney’s virtual store will introduce the special suit “Boom Boxer set”. on August 18 for free. The package will give a “Fame booster” that will give 120 minutes of special gameplay and exclusive accessories to transform each character into worthy fighters and boxers.

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Rumbleverse is a 40-person limited battle royale game where players must explore an open world and survive spontaneous wrestling matches. Each user can play and customize their “citizen” in the city of Grapital, aiming to survive the hundreds of challenges that will be found along the way.


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