Epic Games Store: Crossplay with Steam should be possible soon

One of the biggest stumbling blocks from the Epic Games Store and Steam could soon be a thing of the past: Crossplay between the two launchers could soon become a matter of course.

Steam and the Epic Games Store currently have a major catch when it comes to multiplayer titles: owners of a game on the Epic Games Store cannot play alongside Steam owners and vice versa. Not an easy thing for players who want to gamble with their friends.

This should soon come to an end. Epic Games has released the first crossplay tools for game developers, which should enable interaction between Steam and the Epic Games Store in the future. This is solved, among other things, by an overlay in which Steam and Epic Games Store are combined, for example to create friend lists across the board and to enable access to multiplayer sessions. It should also be possible to link accounts from different stores.

But that shouldn’t be the end of it, because Epic Games also wants to enable crossplay with other stores, support for macOS and Linux is also to follow, as well as support for crossplay with consoles and mobile platforms. The Epic Online Services SDK 1.15 is available now, with more tools to come.

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