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An interplay of flashy brawling and story-heavy knight role-playing games.

(Switch) The title is not necessarily memorable, but it gives an idea of ​​where the playful journey is going. “Fire Emblem” hints at a medieval manga fantasy setting. Warriors tells us we’re in for a fast-paced Hyrule Warriors-style pack hack’n’slash. “Three Hopes” suggests that it is a sequel to the strategy role-playing game “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” (2018) for the Switch.

All in all, the result is an idiosyncratic, but thoroughly successful crossover mix. At least for a very specific target group.

Even the beginning of the story in the new adventure on the fictional continent of Fódlan is quite unconventional: the character from the predecessor “Three Houses” quickly becomes the villain in an alternative timeline. As a mercenary with a freely changeable fighter class, we take care of the problem and experience a good 50 hours of gameplay with plenty of twists and turns. How this story unfolds depends heavily on which of the three houses of the realm we join and how we get along with the many characters in the role-playing game. Certain previous knowledge of “Fire Emblem” is not absolutely necessary, but highly recommended to maximize the fun.

The gameplay of “Three Hopes” essentially consists of two major components:

  • In the fight, we hit and shoot our way through hose-like winding levels with thousands of enemy soldiers as well as extra-strong mid-bosses and top bosses. On the one hand, we slip into the role of high-level warriors ourselves and use combos to ignite fireworks in close and long-range combat. On the other hand, we can command army units and heroes remotely for support across the battlefield. In terms of design and equipment, there is enough playful depth beyond the simple brawl – if you take the time for it. The fights are mostly quite fast, entertaining and visually impressive – but also quite monotonous in the long run.
  • When we’re not wielding swords, axes and the like, we spend a lot of time at base camp. There we not only take care of equipment and training, but also practice our social skills. That means we chat diligently and learn more about the characters of the game. We also charm allies with the appropriate gifts. The decelerated conversations and the basic management stand in stark contrast to the fights. This may be a refreshing change for role-players, but action puritans will probably perceive it as an unpleasant emergency stop after the wild battle.
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Conclusion: “Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes” is an absolute matter of taste. In order to have fun here in the long term, you should meet two conditions: firstly, you have already enjoyed other similar hack’n’slays and, secondly, you feel at least a little at home in the “Fire Emblem” universe. But then the action inspires and captivates the role-playing story. That’s why the following applies here more than ever before you buy: Try the free demo in the Nintendo eShop!



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