Ephemeris of April 2: what happened on a day like today?

Ephemeris of April 2: what happened on a day like today?


The anniversaries of April 2 include Veteran's Day and the Memorial Day in the Malvinas War

The anniversaries of April 2 include Veteran’s Day and the Memorial Day in the Malvinas WarFabian Marelli / THE NATION – Archive

Las ephemeris of April 2 bring together a series of events that took place on a day like today, a holiday in the Argentina for being him Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day in the Malvinas War.

The date of homage to the dead in this conflict and its survivors is related to the beginning of the conflict, carried out by the de facto government of the self-styled National Reorganization Process (1976-1983). On April 2, 1982, the Operation Rosarythe landing of national troops in Argentine portcalled by the British administration Port Stanley, the most important city of the archipelago that, in addition to the Falkland Islands includes the Georgia and the southern sandwiches. The Army and Navy commandos occupied the governor’s residence, the headquarters of the Royal Marines – who surrendered when they found themselves outnumbered by the Argentines – and took over the island’s airstrip to allow the arrival of airborne troops from Comodoro Rivadavia. Around 12:30 on that day, which marks the 41st anniversary, the national flag was raised in the Islands for the first time since 1833. This would be the beginning of the Falklands Warwhich would have its second confrontation on May 21, with the British landing in the Battle of San Carlos. The conflict would end on June 14 of that year, with an Argentine defeat that left 649 dead on the Argentine side and 255 for the British. Besides, the guerra he would leave behind a community of veterans who continue to recover from the trauma that fighting in this conflict meant, and as a way of thanking them for their service, as well as to vindicate their requests, they are honored on this date.


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