The gradual reduction in sanitary measures continues on the island, but the “sanitary pass” put in place since September 22, is also becoming mandatory for employees and workers in places open to the public. This is the case for hospitals and schools.

The “sanitary pass” has been required in Martinique since September 22 for people over 18 years of age in establishments and gatherings where the mixing of the public is the most at risk in terms of health.

As of Monday, October 11, 2021, this “sanitary pass” is “applicable to people and employees who work in these places, establishments, services or events” specifies the prefecture.

The “health pass” is implemented as part of the national reopening plan.

It makes it possible to limit the risks of epidemic spread, to minimize the probability of contamination in risky situations, and therefore the pressure on the healthcare system, while making it possible to keep certain activities or places open, in addition to the health protocols specific to each sector.

(Prefecture of Martinique)

Hospitals and schools concerned

In a memo dated October 7, 2021, the director of the Martinique CHU reports that “any person (user, visitor, scheduled patient, healthcare professionals, CHUM staff, service providers, etc.)”, entering the premises of one of the CHU establishments, will be invited to present to a security guard, one of the “health evidence” following: “Either a valid QR code, a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19, or the result of a screening test of less than 72 hours”.

In the event of an invalid “pass”, for the period from October 11 to October 24, 2021, CHUM staff will alternatively have the possibility of presenting their badge or proof of belonging to the establishment, and the letter from undertaking of Covid tests every 72 hours (…).

(Benjamin Garel – Director General of the CHUM)

In schools, it is the health personnel who will have to comply with the law n ° 2021-1059 of August 7, 2021, relating to the “health pass”.

The 3 options of the “health pass”.

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Vaccination obligation from October 24

As for the vaccination obligation, it will concern from October 24, “people working in health and medico-social establishments and services, unless there is a medical contraindication”.

This concerns in particular, medical and paramedical professionals who practice in private practice or in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and retirement homes, as well as professionals, students or pupils who work in these establishments, professionals in contact with people vulnerable such as firefighters, ambulance attendants, home employees of certain beneficiaries of the Personalized Autonomy Allowance (APA), or the Handicap Compensation Service (PCH).


The University Hospital of Martinique will be singularly at the center of this measure between October 24 and November 14, 2021, the deadline for the presentation of a full vaccination status. But the unions in the sector are still resistant to the notion of obligation, despite numerous communications from doctors, calls from the government and certain local elected officials inviting reluctant caregivers to take the plunge.

For his part, the rector of the Academy of Martinique in a note of October 5, 2021 addressed to the medical adviser, heads of establishments and directors of CIO, affirms that “all the personnel concerned have received individual information”.

In the event of failure to show proof of vaccination for verification, the agents taken in default “may be authorized to mobilize days of leave or adjustment and reduction of working time, if they fall under this method of counting and managing working time”.

Otherwise, at their request, and to the extent of compatibility with the needs of the public service, they may receive a temporary assignment, in a job or a workplace exempting them from the vaccination obligation.

Otherwise, they will be suspended in the interest of the service for reasons of public order, in order to protect human health (…).

(Pascal Jan – rector of the Academy)

The health authorities point out, however, that “the health pass does not exempt from the application of barrier gestures and physical distancing” at the hospital or at school.

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