Cepyme Aragón has positively assessed the decrease in registered unemployment in Aragón in April, a month in which there has been a drop of 1,475 people in relation to the month of March.

“The figures are very positive, but respond, without a doubt, to the month of bridges and Easter holidays which has been April, since the decline has been concentrated in the service sector”, stated María Jesús Lorente, president of Cepyme Aragón.

Lorente added that “I never tire of repeating that we cannot depend on seasonality and that we must bet on an economy based on structural and stable sectors such as industry”.

“We are in electoral period and we hope that the political parties take into account the proposals of the businessmen and, especially, do not forget that the Aragonese business fabric is made up of SMEs and the self-employed and that we are the ones who generate employment and settle the population in the territory”, recalled Lorente, who stressed that “we do not want advertisements that are remain in fireworks”.

For their part, from CEOE Aragón, they have also positively valued the registered unemployment data, although the Aragonese businessmen have shown their concern for the working populationsince they point out that it conditions the dynamism of the labor market, as well as the increase in partial and permanent discontinuous hiring and the high temporality in the public sector.


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