If it is up to the cabinet, you will only enter a cafe or restaurant with a corona certificate. Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) is not happy about this at all, but there is yet another new rule. In addition to the test policy, catering after 10 p.m. and with noise higher than 60dB must have ticket sales and a doorman at the door.

Hugo de Jonge previously said that he did not want to anticipate possible relaxation, but now plans are leaking out.

KHN calls ‘relaxation’ catering unacceptable

September 25th there must be room for relaxation. At least, if the cabinet decides this Tuesday. Then it will also be announced whether you will have to show proof of vaccination or negative test at the door of a catering facility. But it doesn’t stop there for some catering businesses.

KHN calls the relaxation “unacceptable” in their press release. According to the trade association, these new restrictions will only make it more difficult for the catering industry. The nightlife and clubs are said to remain closed until November 1, but there seems to be a change coming.

Admission tickets and test policy do not fit in catering

“You can immediately sit next to each other in train and public transport for 2.5 hours without testing for access, but all kinds of barriers are raised to enter the catering industry,” KHN writes in their message. Chairman Robèr Willemsen emphasizes that the sector is already suffering a blow due to the staff shortage and debts. “I’m really furious, because it’s really unacceptable that the hospitality industry has to constantly play policeman,” he says. According to him, the country is ‘coronamoe’ and the capricious government policy can no longer be explained.

The trade association writes that the entrance tickets in the catering industry are intended to increase the vaccination rate. Which, according to them, does not fit the image of the hospitality industry. “The catering industry is the living room of society, where everyone is welcome and should also feel welcome.” According to them, this will not increase the vaccination rate.

Relaxations hinder ‘spontaneous visit’

The representative emphasizes that catering entrepreneurs are tired of having to act as “controller or police officer. Of course you can train staff to work with admission tickets, but then there must be staff.” In addition, they strongly doubt the system of ticket sales and in this way a ‘spontaneous visit’ is a thing of the past.

The cabinet will discuss the corona measures in the Catshuis on Sunday. Ultimately, a decision will be made on Tuesday about possible relaxation from September 25. At the most recent press conference, outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte expressed his hope that we can let go of the one and a half meter rule. Last week, De Jonge said that he wants to use corona tickets more widely.

Hospitals fear flu wave: ‘Less immunity due to mouth caps and one and a half meters’

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