‘Entire group of friends contaminated in the open air at the festival’ – Wel.nl

An evening of partying in the open air will not do much harm, a group of friends of twelve men must have thought. Eleven were subsequently found to be infected with the corona virus.

The people in their twenties and thirties had gone to an outdoor festival in Nijmegen on 12 September to celebrate a birthday, but there, at the Nijmeegse Bierfeesten on a former factory site in the Hazenkamp district, things did not end well.

A few days later, one of the friends reports in the group app that he has a cold. Another has a test and turns out to be infected. In the end, all but one turned out to have the virus. They did not keep their distance. There was even cuddling. “You don’t pay much attention to each other,” says one in De Gelderlander.

Whether the infections really took place at the festival and therefore in the open air, the GGD can only suspect, not prove. “The GGD does not know whether an infection has taken place in the open air. This is an assumption. Infections mainly occur when people do not keep to the 1.5 meters distance, ”said a spokesman.