Dhe CSU usually gives a lot to the alleged collective intelligence of its party members. One could, however, have doubts about this when the delegates gave their top team candidate Dorothee Bär a bad result in the election for deputy party chairman on Friday. Did the Bear party want to get back in this way for having become part of the “Team Laschet”?

Day two of the party congress in the Nuremberg exhibition hall was proof that the CSU is not completely wrong in its self-assessment: Armin Laschet, the Union’s candidate for chancellor who was a guest, was not only received politely, but you can As a Bavarian, to say it no differently: enthusiastic. what happened there? The days, weeks, and months beforehand had been interspersed with signals from Bavaria that raised rather than dispelled doubts about Laschet’s suitability for chancellor.

Whoever spoke to delegates at the weekend did not, of course, have the impression that they found this line of the party leadership (if one can even speak of line here) unreservedly good. One board member, for example, reported that he had recently seen Laschet personally during the election campaign – and look, the candidate for chancellor did not leave a bad impression.

Much praise for Bayern

Anyone who followed Laschet’s speech on Saturday on social media and live in the hall also noticed a certain discrepancy in perception. While Twitter stallions worked off the slight hoarseness of Laschet, which was typical for election campaigns, the Union Chancellor candidate had the hall on his side from the start. Laschet also did it cleverly.


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