Enter and see the cars where Arnold Schwarzenegger travels with his girlfriend

Arnold Schwarzenegger never ceases to surprise his audience with the most acclaimed films in the cinematographic world, but his personal life is another detail that draws attention, especially for several models in his garage where he was happily captured with his girlfriend. We show you…

May 31, 2022 7:27 p.m.

Arnold Schwarzeneggeris the most acclaimed actor of all time with an impressive multifaceted life being a businessman, politician, bodybuilder plus the outstanding reference in action, fiction and suspense movies such as “Terminator”, “Escape Plan”, “The Survivor”, among others. others.

Beyond the scripts, the famous famous of the phrase “Hasta la vista…baby”, accumulates a heritage that exceeds 300 million dollars, At the same time, his different facets have allowed him to continue increasing his fortune and therefore occupy one more space in his wonderful garage with the cars of his choice, a detail that is undoubtedly his passion.

On the other hand, for many it is normal to see the veteran actor starring in action movies driving asphalt beasts and even military tanks, impressing with his excellent skill behind the wheel, carrying tons of weight full of speed, resistance and impressive power.

Nevertheless, There are two special cars where the actor has been captured with his girlfriend Heather Milligana physiotherapist with whom he has been in a relationship for several years, riding the most spectacular behind the wheel in models that we present to you below.

1. Bugatti Veyron

One of the most expensive models of the actor is the extraordinary Bugatti Veyronwhich offers a maximum speed of 407km/h, provides acceleration from 0-100km/h in 2.5 seconds, maximum power of 1,001 CV/ 736 kW, 16 cylinders, 7-speed gearbox with impeccable efficiency in a Great team of almost 2 million dollars.

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In an impressive video, the famous Terminator appears together with his partner who, in addition, allowed him to drive behind the wheel of his precious vehicle, exciting everyone for the confidence in a luxury transport, very expensive and ideal for traveling as a couple from the maximum in technology. .

2. Studebaker’s classic excalibur

Studebaker’s Classic Excalibur

Like a romantic movie, the actor has the elegant Studebaker’s Classic Excaliburconfigured with Chevrolet parts that offers a 5.7-liter displacement V8 engine with 300 hp, and a 4-speed manual transmission, in addition to reaching 100 km/h in seven seconds whose acquisition is around 90 thousand dollars.

Many consider that this vehicle is ideal for couples, a theory that was later confirmed after being recorded again with his girlfriend while walking through the streets in sunlight, a scenario that shook the networks.

+ Video of the actor with his girlfriend in the Bugatti:



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