Energy prices too high – bakeries before the end – economy

Energy prices in Austria are skyrocketing and simply never ending. Bakeries in particular are under great pressure.

“The energy costs are up to ten times higher than last year. Many bakeries are considering closing forever,” explains the guild master of the WKÖ Federal Association of Bakers, Josef Schrott, to the APA. The pressure on the bakeries due to the high energy prices is increasing in any case.

According to Schrott, many colleagues are desperate – especially small bakeries can no longer afford the additional costs of around tens of thousands of euros. You can’t earn it over the counter. In any case, the bakery industry needs a lot of energy to operate the ovens and dough coolers.

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High energy costs: 93-year-old Viennese woman must pay 1,700 euros to Wien Energie

costs increased rapidly

The Federal Department of Trade and Crafts told the APA that for a small, regional bakery supplier with “relatively very cheap energy contracts”, the costs rose rapidly from 17,600 euros to 54,000 euros a year.

In addition, the price of grain and flour has risen sharply in recent months. “Our companies cannot simply pass these excessive cost increases on to customers,” Renate Scheichelbauer-Schuster, the head of the federal division of trade and crafts in the WKÖ, told the APA. She is pushing for relief and allowances.

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