Several aid will be paid to the French in the coming weeks. Faced with the surge in energy prices, the government reacted by announcing two financial aid for households in difficulty, namely an exceptional energy check in the amount of € 100 as well as an inflation compensation of the same amount.

Inflation allowance

A month ago, while energy prices were rising in unprecedented fashion, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the creation of an aid called “inflation compensation” to give the French a boost in the face of the market situation. Energy. Sometimes nicknamed “fuel check”, this aid of € 100 will be paid to French people earning a salary of less than € 2,000 net per month. It is the employers or the payment organizations that will take care of the payment of this inflation compensation.

While the Senate rejected the implementation of this aid last week, the National Assembly will, however, have the last word. If the deputies vote in favor of this aid, Thursday, November 25, the payment of the inflation compensation will begin in December, or in less than 10 days, from the publication of the implementing decree.

In this case, employers can start paying it for 14 million employees. Matignon specified that the payment could be made on a deferred basis. Thus, some people could benefit from this aid of 100 € only from the month of January or February.

The inflation allowance will be paid in December 2021, for private sector employees, self-employed workers and scholarship students; in January 2022 for public officials, recipients of minimum social benefits and other social benefits and for non-grant students receiving housing assistance. Finally, it will be paid in February 2022 to retirees.

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Help is individualized. That is to say that if in a household two people earn less than 2000 € net per month, each of them will receive this exceptional bonus. Beneficiaries do not need to take any action: it will be paid to them automatically.

Energy check

If the inflation compensation has caused a lot of ink to flow since its announcement, we must not forget the other help from the government: an additional energy check. The amount of this energy check will be € 100. In September, when voices were already raised in the face of rising gas and electricity prices, the executive indicated an additional check, in addition to the one that the households concerned received last April.

Generally, the energy check is collected by households between March and April, and its amount can vary from 48 to 77 €. Unlike this one, this exceptional aid is set at 100 € and will be sent automatically during the month of December, without any formality. ” This exceptional social assistance of 100 € additional intended for households benefiting from the energy voucher will be sent to them automatically in December 2021, regardless of their type of heating. », Specifies It will be usable until March 31, 2022.

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