Endocrinologist Elena Ostrovskaya dispelled the myth about the benefits of fructose and its harmlessness for the figure.

According to the specialist, neither the brain nor the muscles need fructose, so it provokes obesity.

When eating products with fructose, there is a load on the liver, where this carbohydrate is immediately converted into fat, and in the form of triglycerides, which eventually settle on the walls of blood vessels and form atherosclerotic plaques.

In addition, due to fructose in the intestines, the absorption area of ​​nutrients increases, as a result of which more food is absorbed, and excess weight appears.

“People who consume a lot of fructose have fatty liver disease, a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. In the intestine, fructose may not be absorbed very well due to the fact that many people have resistance to the absorption of fructose, so it accumulates in the intestines and causes fermentation processes, ”she told Pravda.ru.

The physician noted that a safe amount of fructose per day is 30-40 grams, which is about two apples.

“It is more physiological to consume natural fruits at 16-17 hours, when fatigue appears, drowsiness, physiological release of insulin. At this time, it is good to have a snack with something naturally sweet, ”she summed up.

Earlier, professor and leading researcher at the Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology, Doctor of Medicine, Alla Pogozheva, spoke about the permissible amount of sugar per day.


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