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End-of-Week Surrender Caches (Football Fantasy, Week 10)

How many times have you heard someone tell you to "broadcast" a post? Whether it's a quarterback, tight game or defense, the idea of ​​streaming is a good idea, provided the desired players are removed from the thread. The problem with streaming, week after week, is that everyone knows who you are going to target in these good matches and that player can be swept from below, or worse, your opponent that week can hook a player just to make sure you do not get them.

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We started this article so that you do not have to worry about it anymore. Every Saturday morning, you will go to your quit line and catch the players who are lined up for good showdowns the following week. They can have a brutal match for this current week. Great, even better. It simply means that they are more likely to be available to you. By taking them a week before, you avoid spending a lot of money on FAAB for the leading defense that everyone pursues. Here are the players who have strong clashes of the 11th week and who belong to less than 40%.


Kyle Allen (CAR) vs ATL
Now that Cam Newton is in the casualty pool, we can actively target Allen as a streamer in good confrontations. The Falcons have been gone for a week, so you may need a reminder of their gravity. The touchdown rate of 7.63 percent and 8.46 yards per attempt is one of the top five in the league. To return to last year, the Falcons have allowed 17 of the last 23 quarterbacks played to qualify as QB13 or better.

Nick Foles (JAX) at IND
Whether it's right or wrong, the Jaguars return to Foles after spring break. The match is a good one too. The Colts have been a stonewall against the race since Matt Eberflus was named defensive coordinator early last year, with no rider reaching the 100 yard mark. The pass will be the main way to move the ball. That's why we saw 5 of 8 quarterbacks finish with at least 15.5 fantasy points against the Colts this year.


Kalen Ballage (MIA) vs BUF
It's fun to see fantasy owners avoid Ballage. Although he has the starting job, he is only 34% of them as I write this. I'm proud that everyone has noticed how inefficient it is, but that's the type of player you have to deal with. Is it inefficient? Of course is. Will it be used a lot in the passing game? Probably not. Should he have more than 12 keys with all the work done on the goal line? Yes. In a game against the Bills that allowed 42 touchdowns to score in 40 games under Sean McDermott, it is worthy of an addition if you need a run.

Ito Smith (ATL) in CAR
He is suffering from a neck injury right now, but if he is able to come back for this game, he will be seduced. It is usually in the range of 6 to 12 touchdowns in the field. An interesting statistic I discovered this week is that he received four of the five carries inside the five-yard line available to the Falcons this year. This is an important point against a Panthers team that allowed a touchdown on all 15.6 carries, which is more often than any other team in the league. They also allow for more fancy points per opportunity (staves and targets), making it a game where Smith should offer a decent fantasy floor.

Alternative option: Ty Johnson (DET) vs DAL

Wide receivers

Phillip Dorsett (NE) at PHI
The Patriots have barely managed to throw the ball against bad teams, let alone the defense against the Eagles' defense. Tom Brady averages nearly 40 pass attempts per game, despite the fact that his opponents have lost almost all of their games. Against the Eagles, we should expect more than 40 attempts, so why not connect to a wide receiver starting? Eight major receivers scored 15 PPR points against the Eagles, and none of them was heavy, which bodes well for Dorsett who was sent off the perimeter while Edelman / Sanu had the best results.

Ted Ginn (NO) to tuberculosis
He was in this article last week. I hope so that it is already on your list if you broadcast wide receivers. He has another positive game next week when the Saints go to Tampa Bay. They allowed 45.5 PPR points per game to big receivers, which is the highest number of players in the league, while the closest team allowed only 42.2 points per game. Guys, Michael Thomas can only do a lot.

Cole Beasley (BUF) at MIA
He is continually working on the streamers, his score is now 9.0 points PPR or higher in 7 games out of 8. He has scored in three consecutive games, which is not going to follow, but against the Dolphins everything is possible . They allowed a touchdown every 10.1 targets (most often in the NFL) while also allowing a high enough 9.23 yards per target. This is not a very risky game, but if you are looking for a stable floor, it should offer it.

Decent Alternative Alternatives: Demaryius Thomas (NYJ) at WAS, Deebo Samuel (SF) vs. ARI

Tight ends

Chris Herndon (NYJ) at WAS
We have to assume that he will be back for this match, right? He practiced all week, which is a step in the right direction. The Redskins provided a stable floor for the streamers, with 6 of the 9 participants ranked among the top 18 options, including two of the top eight. Sam Darnold having trouble finding his rhythm, security is perhaps the solution to Herndon.

Dallas Goedert (PHI) vs NE
He has been the TE8 since week 6, and although the touchdowns certainly played a big role in that performance, he also ranks fifth among the tight ends of the targets over that period. Now that DeSean Jackson is officially in the casualty pool, we should see the big role continue. The Patriots do a great job defending wide receivers, but have allowed some production in midfield. Hunt for tight ends, and it's clear that Goedert will see enough to deserve special attention.

If available: Jason Witten (DAL) at DET

D / STs

Washington Redskins vs NYJ
Some will see the Redskins and ask themselves "How can I trust a team with a win?" It's a good question, but defense was not the biggest problem. They have provided a solid floor with an average of 2.7 sacks for the last seven games, including at least two sacks for each of the last five games. Meanwhile, the Jets' attack was appalling, scoring more than 16 points once in the season. They also allowed 37 sacks of the season, averaging 4.6 sacks per game. There was no better match for the fantastic defenses, and yes, that includes the dolphins.

New York Jets at WAS
For now, we do not know which quarterback will be the Redskins center during the 11th week, but we know they have allocated at least three sacks in six of the last seven games. The Jets lobbied the quarterbacks by an average of 35.9%, the league's 13th highest mark, but they managed to sack quarterbacks on only 4.1% of the setbacks, making it the third lowest mark. The Redskins should be the key to getting that number, and if Dwayne Haskins starts, they should have a good shot for some turnovers.

Viable alternative option: Cleveland Browns vs. PIT

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