End of the lockdown: these relaxations started today


Cafés and restaurants are allowed to receive guests again. The opening hours will also be extended: people are now welcome between 06:00 and 22:00. This also applies to terraces. There may be two shifts per table between 18.00 and 22.00. You can pick up and deliver from June 5th until 1.00 am.

Just going out to eat is not possible because there are some conditions attached to it. For example, a reservation, registration and health check are mandatory, just like a permanent seat at a table. Four people are allowed to sit at a table who keep one and a half meters away – this does not apply to children up to the age of twelve or people from the same household. And there may be fifty people inside, excluding staff.

Museums, cinemas and saunas

In addition to the catering industry, there are a lot of other indoor locations that can open again. In amusement parks, the attractions that are inside are allowed to run again and cultural institutions such as museums, theaters and cinemas also open. Saunas and tanning studios can also receive people again, just like casinos, escape rooms and swimming pools (for recreational swimming).

Conditions also apply at all these locations. In locations where people move – for example libraries or museums – a maximum of one person per ten square meters may be present. In places where people mainly sit in one place, such as in the cinema or theater, a maximum of fifty people may be present per room. They must be one and a half meters away. There is one exception: in large halls with 1000 or more fixed seats, a maximum of 250 visitors applies at a distance of one and a half meters.

Also good to know about art and culture: practicing these is allowed again. For example, orchestras are allowed to rehearse again.

Sports with fifty people

Adults are allowed to exercise again in groups of up to fifty people. And if it is necessary for sports, they no longer have to keep one and a half meters away. Competitions may not be played over the age of 18, but athletes from the same club may play against each other.

Changing rooms, showers and sports canteens can also open again from this weekend. However, with a mandatory reservation.

Home visits and working from home

The advice for home visits will also change from June 5th. The advice was initially to receive a maximum of two people per day. The new advice states that you can receive a maximum of four people. The maximum group size outside also changes and goes to four people. This means that you can be outside together with three other people.

Can you work from home? That will remain the norm for the time being. However, internal teams are allowed to come together again for training, development and education, for example.

Admission tickets

You may be wondering about access testing? These are not mandatory, so all these locations are allowed to open without people having to be tested first. But if locations want it, they can introduce it. Then they can receive more visitors than fifty.

A theater or restaurant can therefore receive fifty people without an entrance test, but with an entrance test they can receive as many as will fit in their business or hall – as long as visitors can keep one and a half meters away from each other.

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